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Bride: Tara Cardwell

Groom: Andrew Cardwell           

Engagement Date: 12/18/10

Wedding Date: 7/21/12


How did you meet your future wife or Husband? We grew up in a small town together and our families have been close for a few generations. After many years of knowing each other, a mutual friend got us connected again after we both moved back to our small town in the middle of our college years.


What was your initial impression of APM? My husband and I were very impressed at our first meeting at APM! They have a beautiful studio and many examples of photos and wedding albums to view before making choices. Katie and Dave were willing to answer all of our questions and help us decide which services would be best for us and our budget. In my opinion, pictures are most important when planning a wedding because it is all that we have left after the celebrations are over.





What made you choose APM? After seeing my best friend’s wedding photos I knew I had to go with APM as well!

How would you rate our overall quality (customer service, experiences, photographers, etc)? We would rate APM 10 out of 10!



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How did he/she propose? I went to visit him at the fire station one night and he seemed very nervous. He had the ring in his pocket to show his co-workers and decided he couldn’t wait any longer! He asked me to marry him while sitting in my favorite spot on Engine 1, which is the engine in our wedding pictures. We then celebrated at the Melting Pot restaurant after Christmas when he originally planned on proposing to me.

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What made your event UNIQUE? A lot!!! But one of my favorite parts was when my husband surprised me when I met him at the station. He had his co-workers clean up Engine 1 for us to take pictures with.   285135_10151186212753996_1749356919_n 304410_10151186208638996_166142936_n

Finish this sentence: “One thing I learned from my wedding planning…” Your spouse is the only person who matters that day.

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What are/where the colors and/or themes for your Wedding Day? Red and Gold

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What was your inspiration behind your wedding? Can be anything from a color palette to a location, from a memory to a dress/bouquet/shoes…anything! What motivated you and most influenced your decisions? I knew that I wanted Red and Gold from the beginning and our wedding reception was originally planned for summer. Other than that, I made decisions as I went.   545775_10151186212483996_633069027_n  548072_10151186208748996_1338043659_n

How large is your Bridal Party? (How Many BM, GM, FG and/or RB) 2 Maid of Honors, 2 Best Men, 4 Bridesmaids, 3 Groomsmen, 4 Junior Bridesmaids, 1 Ring bearer, 1 Flower girl

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How many guests at your wedding? 130


Where is your Honeymoon and for how long? We honeymooned in Jamaica for one week.